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Helping Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs Scale Their Businesses.

The service-based business space is increasingly competitive, and as a business owner you have to be on top of your finances, posting on social media, closing sales, delivering to your clients, and much more. There is no denying that doing things ad-hoc with little to no help is a recipe for stress and overwhelm even if you're making money.

With the right systems and team, we position you better to focus on working ON your business to prevent you burning out IN your business. We desire to give outstanding female entrepreneurs the fighting chance to build sustainable businesses through our expertly-crafted OBM services.

About Feyi Griffin

Hi, I'm the founder of FG Virtual Assist and it’s no secret that I’m a Mum and wife who is passionate about helping others. When the idea for FG Virtual Assist struck me, it was something different-a way to offer online businesses strategic solutions that assist with their business operations or support teams!

My Bsc degree in Business IT & professional experience in project environments has given me an edge when it comes to managing business processes. Ultimately creating a successful structure from start to finish – be it business management, systems implementation, or strategies.

My mission is to provide my clients with high-level support and to implement strategies that will transform their vision into an actionable plan. As Your In house OBM/ Integrator my support to
you as a partner, strategic advisor, systems creator, team manager and implementor will help you get out from the weeds of your business and allow you to embody that CEO role as the visionary of your business.

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